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About Us

Gemma Cope

Nicaragua Travel Expert

Founder of Green Pathways, Gemma has over ten years experience within the tourism, travel and adventure sector. In 2007, her passion for nature and travel brought her to Nicaragua and she’s been here ever since.

Being a welcoming and kind-hearted host, she can’t wait to share the allure of Nicaragua with Green Pathways guests.

Beginning her journey as the owner of Bigfoot Hostel for over four years, Gemma and her team facilitated the most sought after activity by travelers to Central America – “volcano boarding”. Volcano boarding has played a key role in generating buzz to international clientele, revealing the incredible beauty…and security…of adventure travel in Nicaragua.

Gemma has spent the past nine years exploring every corner of Nicaragua, from small indigenous communities on the Caribbean to Pacific coastal villages and every path in between. Gemma and her team of expert guides know Nicaragua and are passionate about exploring more.

Founder and General Manager, Gemma’s approach is simple, her methods sound and her approach true. Green Pathways is founded on key principles that ensure:

  1. All business goals benefit the customer, environment and community;
  2. Practices and projects are sustainable; and
  3. Knowledge through hiring locally seeps into the fabric of the local communities.

Gemma’s dedication, hard work and drive to succeed have positioned her at the forefront of the tourism and the sustainable travel movement in Nicaragua, making her the expert travel consultant, be it luxury tours, wildlife tours or adventure tours in Nicaragua.


To take people on epic, unique and inspirational tailor made tours and journeys to Nicaragua’s most beautiful and untouched regions. Our operations follow the key principles of sustainable tourism in Nicaragua.

By implementing a tourism framework to empower present and future generations, we are working with the community to conserve Nicaragua’s precious natural and cultural heritage.


To create unique, tailor made and sustainable tours and expeditions in Nicaragua that excite and connect people firsthand with the diverse natural environment and rich culture of Nicaragua.

Our tours and expeditions are guided by charismatic and professional Nicaraguan guides, who love to share their experiences, knowledge and passion for Nicaragua. In addition to our focus on sustainable tourism and offering excellent customer service, we actively seek opportunities to implement projects to support the regions we operate within.


Our philosophy is that one does not have to sacrifice any of the great pleasures of travel to travel more responsibly. We ask fellow travelers to consider one question. Are your travels making a positive impact on the people and environment of the places you visit?

Small, simple steps, such as being informed on your destination can have a huge positive impact. Sustainable travel is the future! Here at Green Pathways we pride ourselves on strong sustainable and responsible practices in Nicaragua, that’s why our staff are constantly trained on new practices.

Sustainable travel in Nicaragua to us means minimizing our impact on the environment, protecting and preserving the culture by investing directly into the local economy and providing education and on-going training to create long-term benefits for individuals and the economy as a whole. We seek to share the beauty of Nicaragua, while preserving the natural and cultural wonders that makes Nicaragua so precious. Sustainable tourism and travel is a balance!

Why Nicaragua

Nicaragua possesses a sense of tranquility and beauty not found in any other Central American country. The relaxed vibe intertwines with a raw and rugged edge that comes with being Latin America’s poorest country. Emerging from war and political instability, the fact that Nicaragua is now considered Central America’s safest (and arguably most beautiful) country is nothing short of a miracle. Investment in tourism is a viable means to help the country overcome poverty. When you travel you help create jobs that support communities and families.

We know Nicaragua and are excited to custom design tours throughout the country to suit a variety of interests. We understand that you only have a limited amount of time, and choosing a vacation with Green Pathways ensures that you will have a great time exploring Nicaragua while benefiting local communities and making a positive impact.
Nicaragua is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered, and the list of things to do in Nicaragua is endless from enjoying a beach vacation on a remote Caribbean island, kayaking Rio San Juan, exploring cloud forests to boarding down the side of an active volcano there is always something more to do!

Explore Nicaragua & You’ll Discover:

• The Nicaraguan Pacific and Caribbean coasts
• The largest area of rainforest outside of the Amazon in the Americas
• Some of the warmest and most beautiful people in Central America
• A variety of cultures and influences, including Spanish, Caribbean, and those of the indigenous tribes
• The Rio Coco, which is the largest river in Central America
• Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest lake in Central America
• A wide array of habitats and environments, including estuaries, cloud forests, oceans, lakes and more
• Numerous volcanoes, including seven which are active
• Amazing coffee and great cigars
• Fabulous slow aged rum (Flor de Cana)
• Extraordinary history and enchanting colonial towns