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Day Tours

Explore the hidden pockets of Nicaragua! If you are short of time or have a particular interest in a particular area then let us build the perfect Nicaragua day trip for you. Day trips are the best way to experience a slice of Nicaragua’s culture and beauty. From a hike and picnic in the midst…
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Nicaragua has a little bit of everything

Culture   Nature   Adventure History   Plus we have the rugged Pacific coast perfect for surfing and sunbathing and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea ideal for diving! Nicaragua is waiting.............   Contact us for for information on bespoke tours to Nicaragua. Let us design a once in a lifetime vacation for…
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Know before you go and ask before you buy!

Be an informed traveler and make sure your choices don't harm endangered animals. Around the world, you’ll find wildlife and plant products for sale—as jewelry, clothes, pets, souvenirs and more. But just because something is for sale doesn’t mean it’s legal to take home. Some of these products may be made from protected animals or…
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Conscious Travel – Nicaragua

Green Pathways is feeling inspired today and wanted to share some quotes from important people in the travel industry. Green Pathways continues to feel inspired by Nicaragua and how conscious travel is becoming more and more important to clients when looking for their travel destination and travel company.   “Luxury travel today is defined less…
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