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Embrace & Plan Your Next Adventure Tours in Nicaragua

We all need a little excitement during in our lives. We are always trying to do new things and discover new places. We want to be adventurous like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones and be spontaneous about our decisions.

Creating memories through your life is truly valuable because they will last forever. You might be afraid to go on a little adventure, but today we wanted to share with you why you should embrace the adventure, especially if you’re thinking to travel to another country like Nicaragua.

Create Kairos and Forget About Chronos

Chronos is what we know as the chronological time, this is the time that rules our life, our decisions and the way we schedule things. Without Chronos we couldn’t be more organized, because of Chronos we have learned that a year has 365 days and that a day has 24 hours. Because we rely too much on Chronos, our lives have turned into an exhausting routine that we just can’t escape.

Adventure Tours In Nicaragua

Kairos on the other hand measures time in moments, moments that will last forever in your conscience. Kairos are easily created when you spend time with your family, you share a lunch with a co-worker or a loved one, enabling you to forget about time (Chronos). When you go out on an adventure with your friends or your family you will create a memorable Kairo, you will forget about Chronos and focus more on creating beautiful experiences.

Is it truly possible to live a Kairos life in a Chronos world? Yes it is possible to do so, all you have to do is focus more on the moments you have in your life and with the people around you.

adventure tours in Nicaragua

That’s why at Green Pathways we offer luxury tours, wildlife tours and adventure tours in Nicaragua, let us generate more kairos moments by building once in a lifetime experiences with your family, friends and loved ones. Keep in mind that when you embrace new adventures, you are interrupting your everyday flow and you start creating a Kairos.

Let's start planning a Nicaraguan adventure for you!

Green Pathways builds unique tailor made adventure tour packages to discover Nicaragua based on your interest:

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