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Mighty River and Jungle Tour

Duration – 12 days
Season – All year round
Price – From US$ 2600 per person

Day 1

You’ll be greeted at Managua Airport by our friendly Green Pathways guide and driver. Private airport shuttle will transfer you to your hotel in Managua.

Day 2

Your tour will begin at 7am with a private shuttle to San Carlos, before jumping on board an express boat to El Castillo. You’ll explore the castle in El Castillo with your guide, who’ll share the history of the castle and surrounding area with you. That evening, you’ll join your local guides for dinner.

Day 3

The first day of kayaking begins as you head down the river to Bartola a public reserve where the Indio Maiz begins. While exploring the river and an old shipwreck by Vanderbill from the gold rush, keep an eye out for roaming wildlife, take a refreshing dip in the pristine waters. That night, we’ll set up camp and enjoy the sounds of nature from the riverbank.

Day 4

Today is another great day to look for wildlife and go fishing. You’ll get the chance to stretch your legs as you hike the tropical rainforest of Bocas San Carlos and the local waterfalls. Tonight, you’ll set up camp on the river edge.

Day 5

On the third day of kayaking you’ll be passing Crocodile Island and stopping off at Saripiqui.

Day 6

Floating down on to the delta region of the Somoza area. Passing the Somoza farms and staying with a local family in Jobo for your last night by the river.

Day 7

The Final day of kayaking. You’ll paddle through the delta to end up at the Caribbean Coast. By mid afternoon it’s time to make a small ocean crossing, where you’ll arrive at San Juan de Nicaragua. Where you will spend the night relaxing at the Rio Indio Lodge.

Day 8

Back on the water for day eight. This time in a small panga to explore the Río Indio. Passing through deserted lagoons filled with birds and potentially manatees. Arriving by mid afternoon to the local El Rama community. Sleeping in hammocks this evening with the local Rama community

Day 9

Today we set off on a four-hour hike through dense, untouched jungle with a local guide to find a natural (or man-made) ruin with an unknown mysterious history. Tonight, we’ll be staying the night with the local community in wooden huts and hammocks.

Day 10

The morning will be spent making your way back to San Juan de Nicaragua. In the afternoon, you’ll get the chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful ‘Rio Indio Lodge.

Day 11

This morning you will take return from San Juan de Nicaragua back to San Carlos where you will be met by a Green Pathways driver. Onwards to Managua.

Farewell dinner this evening

Day 12

This concludes your exciting Nicaraguan adventure tour. Time to catch your flight home, safe travels!

Kayak Rio San Juan

This is a place you can only imagine in your wildest dreams! The Mighty Rivers and Jungle Kayaking Expedition is a true Nicaraguan adventure tour.

Explore the Río San Juan and the rarely visited Río Indio. These rivers are the settings for one of the most exciting adventure tours Nicaragua has to offer. This surreal journey takes you into the heart of the Indio Maiz Biosphere Reserve, home to over 1000 species of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians.

You’ll leave all the worries of the real world behind as you spend five full days kayaking Nicaragua’s breathtaking rivers, catching fresh fish, swimming in pristine waters and if we’re lucky getting a peek at the ever-elusive jaguar. Cooking up the catch of the day, sleeping by campfires and waking to the morning call of a howler monkey, you’ll be far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You’ll also get up, close and personal with indigenous communities who have only recently opened their doors to tourists in this area of true Nicaraguan wilderness.

This is a place you can only imagine in your wildest dreams!

"We recently completed a 10 day kayaking adventure down the Rio San Juan with Green Pathways. Gemma (CEO/Owner), did a fantastic job putting together an itinerary to fit our timeframe we had in Nicaragua. I cannot say enough for the team that took us down the river and provided us an invaluable insight to the culture, history, flora, and fauna of Nicaragua that left us with the most remarkable adventure we have ever experienced."Read more - Click Here


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